Older version of Screensaver Factory does not work on Windows 10

Users of old Screensaver Factory versions may see the following error - "Access violation at address XXXXXXXX. Read of address XXXXXXXX when using the product.

In mid-2017 Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 which rendered old generations of Screensaver Factory incompatible with the latest version of Windows. This did not affect the latest version of the product - Screensaver Factory 7.

While we simply do not have capacity to update and maintain all older generations of Screensaver Factory, the current generation - Screensaver Factory 7 is, of course, fully compatible with the latest Windows.

If you run older generation of Screensaver Factory, you will need to upgrade to current generation - Screensaver Factory 7 which is fully up to date. By upgrading you support further development and updates to Screensaver Factory.