While we are a very small enterprise we do recognize our responsibility to the environment and the society.

We are a green company

We believe being green is a value and a way of life. As a software company the impact that we have on the environment from our own operations is relatively low when compared to companies in other industries. However, we recognize the importance of playing part in reducing pollution and impact on the environment.

Here is a list of our steps towards sustainability:

Social responsibility

We believe that every successful person and company should give away part of their gains to help those less successful therefore making the world a better place for everybody.

Every year we donate approximately 2% of our profits to charities. Our donations mainly go to health care for the recovery of handicapped children whose parents are economically disadvantaged and thus can not pay the medical bills.

Most donations are made through our nations largest charity organization that manages efficient use of donated funds and provides the society with detailed reports on every charity case.