Main interface Updated!

User interface features complete WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual menu designer which makes the designing of menus an easy task.

CSS and image-based menu support New!

You can create both pure CSS menus and classic old-school menus based on image files. Both will work with JavaScript turned off.

A variety of styles Updated!

Hundreds of very cool button and menu design templates are included. This image demonstrates just a few samples from hundreds of included and millions of possible combinations.

Unlimited submenus

You can create dynamic menus with unlimited number of submenu levels. You can customize any aspect of the menus.

Vertical menus

You can create both left-sided and right-sided vertical menus.

Menu templates Updated!

Select from hundreds of menu templates or create your own.

Button templates Updated!

Select from hundreds of button templates. Each button template can be further adjusted and customized to achieve particular brightness or color tone. Note: Screenshot does not reflect the actual button image quality.

Icons Updated!

You can easily add icon images to your buttons and menus. Various icon formats are supported. Hundreds of free icons are included.

Fine detailing New!

You can fine tune any template or even create your own design from scratch. You can change spacing and padding, colors and corner properties. You can also add various effects.

Gradient colors New!

Use simple or advanced gradients for your menus and submenus.

Color adjustment

You can easily adjust button colors to fit your individual design.