Adding media files

You can use images, video and flash animation files with your screensaver.

Setting individual image properties

You can customize each screensaver item. Caption can be added to each image.

Screensaver Wizard

Screensaver wizard allows you to create various types of screensavers even if your computer skills are very basic.

Amazing full-screen editing experience

Preview and adjust the properties of your screen saver while in true full-screen mode.

Setting options

You can select from over 100 image transition effects.

Amazing fade effects

Give your screensaver a sophisticated touch with these modern transition effects.

Constant movement effects

Make your still slideshow screensavers so much cooler by adding constant movement. The new display effects will make your pictures slowly and smoothly slide or rotate and zoom.

Animation effects

Easily add amazing visual effects, such as falling snow, leaves, petals, rising bubbles or your own custom.

Animation effects

You can choose from pre-defined effects or create your own effects.

Photo frame effect

Create amazing photo-album screensavers by turning on the new photo frame effect and combining it with other effects, such as rotate and zoom and grayscale.

Image masks

You can use masks to create interesting picture edges and blend pictures with background.

Add clock or calendar

Turn your screensaver into something practical by adding a clock or calendar. User can select whether to show clock or calendar.

Background options

Choose between solid color, gradient or background picture or pattern.

RSS feed reading

You can make your screensaver display information from one or more RSS feeds.

Creating shareware screensaver

Screensaver Factory has special features for shareware (try before you buy software) authors. You can easily create screensaver trial versions for royalty-free commercial distribution.

Registration Key Generator

Unique registration key system allows to provide each screen saver buyer with unique registration key (available in Pro edition only).

Readme and License agreement

Readme text and license agreement can be included with your screensaver.

Screensaver setup

You can create self-installing screensavers for easy distribution.

Screensaver setup file

You can create self-installing screensaver setups containing license agreement and readme file.

Transparent PNG support

Unleash your creativity and use PNG images with transparent and half-transparent areas to achieve interesting effects.

Flash transparency support

Flash transparency opens new and amazing opportunities for Flash screensaver developers. This feature is especially interesting when combined with option that uses desktop as screensaver background.