Building programs and services based on Screensaver Factory

Automated screensaver builds

Screensaver Factory Enterprise supports automated screensaver builds which means that you can produce screensaver files and setup packages programmatically by running Screensaver Factory from command line without user interaction.

This allows developers to build systems, applications and services that produce screensaver files. For example, it is possible for advanced developer to create a website that offers automated custom screensaver development services.

Here are just a few ideas:

System requirements and documentation

Screensaver Factory will run on any modern Windows workstation or server. All the information regarding automated use of Screensaver Factory is available in the Help files of the software. Our support staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Licensing terms and costs

Automated use of Screensaver Factory is free of charge for in-house purposes of both personal and commercial nature.

However, offering products and services based on the automated use of Screensaver Factory that involve computer-based interaction with third parties is a subject to specific licensing terms and fees. These terms are democratic and the pricing is friendly, so do not hesitate, contact us now for more info.

Custom development services

If you have a great business idea that involves the use of Screensaver Factory, but you are not sure how to implement it, our developers will be glad to help. We can build a solution that meets your ideas.