Keep employees focused and productive

Are your employees abusing Internet access?

Employees spend between one and three hours a day surfing the Web on personal business at work, depending on the study reviewed. While allowing Internet access can be beneficial, limiting the web surfing or blocking social networking sites can increase productivity.

iNet Protector is an inexpensive and easy to use software that allows limiting Internet use in a friendly manner. It takes only 5 minutes to get iNet Protector up and running and you can try it now free of charge.

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One-time fee of just $39.85

  • Block online entertainment
    Limit time spent on Youtube, Facebook and other entertainment websites
  • Boost workforce performance
    Make employees more focused by effectively eliminating the temptation for online entertainment
  • Increase productivity
    Make sure employees spend time working and not socializing on the web
  • Allow only work-related stuff
    Allow work-related websites and programs while blocking everything else
  • Earn more money
    More time spent working means that you earn more money
  • Keep your employees happy
    Don't be an evil spy - simply set what is allowed and what not. You can even allow unrestricted happy hour e.g. at lunch time.

Try it free of charge right now!

It takes only 5 minutes to get iNet Protector up and running on your Windows computer and you can try it now free of charge. Download it now and you will be able to see how it works and experiment with all the features. No advanced computer skills required.

Why iNet Protector is better?

While other companies will try to sell you bulky and expensive systems that take a lot of time to understand and configure, our solution is simple, affordable and straight-forward. It just works and costs you close to nothing.